Update on Life Part 1

Hello Fellow Humans,

It’s been awhile to say the least.

I spent the week in Panama City, FL soaking up the sun and diving into the Word with some of my favorite people (pictured below).

Literally, I don’t know any other club that can spend 2 1/2 hours sitting in a circle with nothing but encouragement and thankfulness for each other and all the glory to God. The main theme of this year’s conference was justification through Grace by Faith alone. Reverend James Forsyth of McLean Presbyterian Church preached during Large Group every night. I chose to attend “Renewed: Finding Identity and Faithfulness in Christ” as my four day seminar along with “The Self, The Brain, and God” and “FOMO: How the Kingdom of God Heals the Constant Fear of Missing Out” for my two day seminars. Each directly connected to many of the points that James had made.

The major theme for this year was Justification by Grace through Faith alone.

Let’s break that down a bit.

Rev. James defined Justification as the legal declaration that (we) are right with Our Heavenly Father. Justified can be taken as Just{as}ifi{obey}ed.

Think about it this way:

Every single one of us has an unpaid receipt of everything we’ve ever thought, said, and done. And let’s face it–even the best deed we’ve managed in this life is ridden with crimson ink because nothing we humans accomplish has entirely selfless motives. We stand before a most just judge guilty; as if we’ve dined and ditched at the finest Olive Garden and it’s finally caught up to us.

And try as one might to cast the dead tree that you’ve wracked up into the Washing Machine–it simply doesn’t work. All of the stain-fighting power of Tide does not change the our indebted stance.


Jesus closes the check.

And we are free to not only dine in the premiere restaurant forever but we are allowed to walk free from a lifetime of washing dishes and wiping tables but also equipped to step out into the world and the calling that the Father intends for us. And though that means settling for the McDonald’s and peanut butter sandwiches along the way, we are promised sustenance all of our days.

And that is a most beautiful thing.

πŸ’•Catie Wren S{z}ukala 🐱✝🐦

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