What I Learned in Burrito School Is..: Lessons from Week Numero Uno on the Fast-paced Food Line

Hello Fellow Humans:

First things first.

My apologies for not posting yesterday. I took off as a Day of Rest {more on that in a later post}. If you’re anything like me–it’s been a long an productive week fo’ sho. But hey, we survived to Fri{y}ay ‘all!

And now, it’s time to enjoy the weekend and quite possibly my best work yet #humblebrag #GodisGood #Thankfulforthegiftofgifs :D!

Although Kel Mitchell was one of my chief influences as a kid and inspired a looove Orange Soda in me, I couldn’t bring myself to experience the joys of the restaurant biz.


β˜€ Until this past Tuesday β˜€

That’s right, dear readers. The former teacher to Three-nagers has become a student {in some cases} of teenagers. And I am pleased to report that I couldn’t be more abundantly #Blessed….assuming that that’s still socially acceptable. Mind you–I’m partying like it’s 1999 over Nickelodeon’s “All That” airing for the first time twenty-four years ago on 4/16/18 :).

Anyways, back to business…

Here are my findings from my first day of life serving the general public.

1. Authenticity and efficiency is key.

2.The crowd is diverse.

3.All with the same expectations to be fulfilled/chow to be partaken of.

4.Some are more gracious than others.

5.And although each guest demands your best behavior (sometimes literally)…..

6.The only absolute protocol is good form, which can be expressed in a variety of ways.

7.Messes are bound to happen….

8. Sometimes accidentally on purpose.

And for the record, I’m talking about when you’re in a rush and haven’t mastered scooping chips yet and some unavoidably hit the floor. No one wants to be self-proclaiming Bean Nose Boy. Or any personal affiliation to beans for that matter…

9.But perfect is not synonymous with good, and to err is dude,man.

10.And whilst all your hard work and dedication will provide dividends beyond what you anticipated, one stranger’s two cents means a job well done at the end of the day.

πŸ’•Catie Wren S{z}ukala 🐱✝🐦

All gifs credit to GIPHY.

Photo cred: 2damnfunny.com (Pardon the French s’il vous plait et merci. I cannot censor the title of the website :/ ).

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