Rescue in the Wreckage

Hello Fellow Humans:

Imagine you are on an airplane to heading to Panama City for Big Break. You take your seat in front of the child who finds it amusing to kick the back of your chair…No matter how many times she is told to stop. At first, she may be gently reproved in an attempt to correct the issue. As her unacceptable behavior continues, however, her guardians will likely become frustrated. Their patience may {quite understandably} wear thin. Perhaps their polite corrections will fall on deaf ears and they’ll choose to preserve their voice. Before that happens, however, the mother may begin to harshly (and loudly) reprimand her daughter. For the rest of the passengers, this may disturb the peace that they felt. They might doubt that her mom loves her if she speaks with too jarring of a tone.

And yet, the well-loved child knows does not doubt the affection of her parents. Instead, she ceases her erroneous ways, apologizes you, and begins to sing “Let it Go” as a means of distracting herself from what seems like eternity. She doesn’t mind, however, because the Happiest Place on Earth awaits her in the Sunshine State. Others may find this to be much worse. Despite perhaps intentionally exasperating her parents and unintentionally keeping you from focusing on the book that is required reading as you journey towards your destination, she was not personally hindering their comfort. And now they have to hear her incessant warbling the whole way there…

But if you are anything like me–It is the sweet sound of music to your ears

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