Hello Fellow Humans:

My name is Catherine Elizabeth Sukala. I am twenty-one years old, consider myself to be heart-centered and Christ-minded, and am learning more each day how to live life in this beautifully broken world. “The World” to me was the community that existed approximately seven miles from my house into town as I grew up in rural Pennsylvania. Over the past year as I’ve resided in University Park and had the unique opportunity of serving those from California to China–I am fully aware of the simple Truth that I cannot solve all of the issues faced by my contemporaries and society at large. I take great comfort, however, in using my time and resources to lighten the burdens of those placed in my path. And with that being said–I ain’t no saint!

At least not as Merriam-Webster’s and my CCD teachers defined it.

The Bible says that we are the God’s “masterpiece” (Ephesians 2:10 NLT). I am comprised of brushstrokes and smudges and glitter and dust. When the Lord created me {and you assuming your humanity), He did so with a Good Work already in mind. And as the Good Artist admires Himself to create a self-portrait which mirrors His character and likeness, He continues to perfect the lines which shape me and erase any stray marks in order to accurately reflect His own image. And this earthly narrative is merely a rough draft that I intend to share in order to bear witness to the greatest story ever told–which is Great because it is Good News and True.

💕Catie Wren 🐱✝️🐦

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